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This Facebook group is run by Nikki Edwards and you can contact her directly on Facebook or the contact details listed under coaches.

What is Teen Support

Teen Support is aimed at helping young teens who are feeling lost and hopeless. We encourage teens to reach out for help by browsing our online portal. We also aim to list free support services for those who cannot afford to pay for support.

What do I need to do to get help?

We encourage all teens between 13 and 19 battling with addiction, self-harm, body issues, low self-esteem, to take a brave step to Wellness! This group offers a safe confidential space for you.

Our Mission & Vision

Teen Support and Wellness is a resource sites.

Many Teens and their parents feel they have nowhere to turn to when the impact of outside influences and internal challenges wreak havoc on our lives and our wellness. We aim to provide a comprehensive portal so that you can find the support you need, as a teen, or as a parent of a teen for your teen. We encourage all organisations and individualls that work with teens to submit their contact information via our listings page so that we can add your resource to this site. The aim of the coaches, councilors and organisations listed here is to support and assit you, the teen in crisis, to find the help you need transform your life into a positive and wonderful adventure. This site does not vet any of the organisations and institutions that we list, but we act in the interests of supporting and assisting teens in crises and feedback is welcome.

An inspiring testimony

Inspirational Testimonials of those in recovery.

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Answers to your Questions

What is the Cost for Support

There are many different kinds of support offered on this website. If you cannot afford a councilor you can also look under the free options and resources to find help. Please do not be discouraged and contact us directly if needed.

What if I need more counseling for my child?

We do have skilled professionals who offer a paid one-on-one sessions which you may inquire about through our contact form.

I am a teen and too scared to join?

If you are reading this you are already brave and looking for support. Reach out through our website contact page and we will respond to you with suggestions of different groups you can join or counseling. You will feel very welcome and you will be among other teens who are also in need of support or one on one counceling. You will find courage through taking steps.

Can I call you to discuss my child?

Note that this is teen support, not parent support. However please use our wide resources to find the support you need for your child. If you are looking for one-on-one counseling or coaching for your child you may contact us through our website  contact page.

Are these groups/workshops confidential?

Yes we do not discuss what happens in the groups, outside of the groups. Parents often ask us for information but we simply cannot disclose anything to them as this would compromise the safe space we are offering teens. However if the facilitators feel that a teen is in danger of harming themselves or others we are legally obligated to intervene and notify the parents.

What is the stigma of joining a support group?

There always has to be someone brave enough to stand up in the face of adversity. Together we hope to lift all stigma associated with destructive paths and let the world know that so many are out there feeling hopeless and this is not a glitch in your character, it is a world-wide struggle.

My parents want me to get help but I dont want to do anything my parents are asking me to do!

You may be pleasantly surprised to find you are not alone!¬† All you need to ask yourself is, ‘Am I happy?’ If you are not happy, look out for yourself, and seek help. So many young people are going through similar struggles and hoping to find some strength to make it through each day. Try it out. Ask for support.

How can I help?

If you are a councilor we welcome the support of your skills and would love to chat to you about leading some of the sessions.

If you are a parent and you can afford to please support us by buying our merchandise or donating to our organization.

Any help and support is welcome. Send us an email and we will get in touch.

How do I know if I need councelling or group support.

Its best to try something out. Taking a step is already going to change your life toward a postivie outcome. The more actively you participate the less likely you will fall by the way into negative or destructive behavior and self-harm. Recovery is a process and it is important to maintain a recovery program in order for you to succeed. Come as often as you can:-)

Who runs the groups

Nikki Edwards


Dani boden

Nikki Edwards

Co Founder of Teen Suppoort SA – accredited international recovery coach – life coach – trauma councilor – co facilitator and training coordinator for u-act academy of coaching and training.

I am a trained Professional Life Coach, Recovery Coach and Trauma Counsellor. I am
passionate about assisting clients to discover their Truth and purpose. My purpose is
about helping individuals reconnect and unify the Mind, Body and Spirit that has
been split by Addiction, Trauma or do not have the ability to accept or change their
current circumstances. I facilitate and assist the client in developing their Power,
through practical tools and techniques which aid in creating a desired lifestyle,
outcome or sustaining long-term recovery. My Method is Holistic and Scientific,
incorporating various models of treatment to assist the client in finding their True
Essence. My focus is on the clients Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical
wellbeing. Using the Coaching technique I will help my clients navigate through the
root causes of why they keep falling into a negative cycle and offer Positive
Psychology Practices to help them cope with the stresses and pressures of life. I will
offer practical goal setting tools and methods to help my clients move from a culture
of learning and Addiction to a Culture of Recovery. I have many years of experience
and has substantial years in recovery myself. I Managed the Relapse Prevention line
of South Africa, have my own Coaching practice in Cape Town, am an External Coach
for the Foundation Clinic and worked as a Trauma Counsellor for the SAPS.
Currently, I am completing my facilitation training with U-ACT Academy. I am a
certified Recovery Coach, Co ordinator and Co facilitator for the U-ACT Academy in
Cape Town.


Dani Boden

NEWEST MEMBER OF TEEN SUPPORT SA – Mother of Dylan. years to 2 wonderful daughters. I am also a professional web developer, film technitian and guesthouse owner.

Dani has years of experience mentoring and working with Young Adults in workshops. As a qualified Life Coach & NLP practitioner she is passionate about helping people navigate the difficult waters they currently find themselves in. Her work incorporates life coaching, NLP, art, movement, meditation, visualisation and utilizes a variety of modalities to help people reignite their spark and come back to their authentic self.

Dani’s workshops can also be found on Level Up

Tamsin Hall

CO FOUNDER OF TEEN SUPPORT SA – Mother for 21 years to 2 wonderful daughters. I am also a professional web developer, film technitian and guesthouse owner.

What brings me here is a journey my teen daughter led me on. It started when she was 12. Self-harm and dangerous behaviors and then falling into a destructive friendship group. By the time she was 16 she had a serious substance abuse problem which culminated in her running away from home. She was a missing person for 3 days until we found her. I realized I had to take serious action.

We sent her to a fantastic rehabilitation clinic for 10 months and it was a combination of the program and her own realization that big changes was required that saved her life.

On her return I soon found there was nowhere for her to get followup support. All support groups in Cape Town were for adults.

Naturally as all parents do I wanted to continue to do whatever I could to support my child on her path of Wellness. I approached 2 friends I knew who had devoted their lives to helping people with their addictions. In our first meeting we realized the only way forward was to form our own support group for teens.

I run the background admin side of things, manage the website and get funding for our projects.

I know there are so many mothers and fathers out there with questions and often at the time when things at home have become untenable. I have been there before and I hope through our support groups run by Nikki and Andrew that we can give some relief to families and especially teens who struggle with great challenges with today’s social media expectations and their peers whom they believe are the people they need to prove themselves to.





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